Demo VM not displaying asset map

(Warwick Bayne) #1



I have just downloaded the demo VM from your website and the asset map in the admin panel does not display anything. It comes up with an error that I have attached.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,



  2013-10-24 13_41_04-Squiz Matrix v4.16.0 Administration Interface.jpg (31.6 KB)

(Asharpe) #2

Hi Warwick,


Any chance you could hit that 'details' button and provide the information within?


Without any further information, I would check for proxy setting differences between your browser and your java installation.


Cheers, Andrew

(Benjamin Pearson) #3

Also it might help with what version of OS, Browser and Java... From the screenie we can make some educated guesses on OS and Browser, but it would be helpful to confirm exactly what versions.

(Warwick Bayne) #4

Hi Guys,


I have changed my java proxy settings and it fixed it!.


Thanks for the help!