Design asset referring to deprecated Site Network asset


Matrix Version: v5.5.6.4

Just upgraded from v5.5.3.3 I found the following Matrix notice in Error log:

(:) - The Design applied to Site asset with asset id '#xxx' is referencing the deprecated Site Network asset and should be re-parsed

Site Network asset was deprecated in and removed in and I don’t remember seeing this notice before the upgrade. What gives? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks.


From error log, I am pretty confident that this has something to do with upgrade. The notice started only after the upgrade.

(John gill) #3

Poking at the code, that message only comes from one place in, the function getSiteNetwork in core/assets/site/ That function is not called from anywhere.

But design assets build PHP files on disk for later execution when they are saved, so it’s possible to have a instance which still has design files on disk which were generated by (which must cause all sorts of fun upgrade quirks. Friends don’t let friends write code generating code). Back in, these “built” design files included a call to getSiteNetwork (which at the time didn’t throw that error).

So the upshot is Site Network might have been deprecated in, but this remnant of code in wasn’t deprecated until after (although I assume it didn’t do anything in the intervening versions).

(Bart Banda) #4

Yes, this is a missing piece is the upgrade and deprecation script that it doesn’t remove these references.

You should be able to workaround it by manually reparsing the design file again.

(David Schoen) #5

As Bart says if the design reparses correctly the warning will go away. I can’t remember the detail of why we didn’t auto reparse all designs at that upgrade hop, but in general we’ve been trying to shift away from loading too much in the version-to-version hop as every extra change adds risk and time during a change freeze.

:joy: (agreed)


Thanks for all your responses … Reparsing design file did fix it.

(Lisa) #7

Thanks for the fix, we’ve just come across the same issue.

Can I just confirm, is “reparsing the design file” literally just going to the Design, going to ‘Edit Parse File’, unlocking it and saving? After doing that yesterday I’m still getting a few of the same errors in the logs last night. Would that just be a caching thing?