Design Customisation Not Showing

(Lewis) #1


I’ve created a <MySource_AREA … design area and used the print=“no” attribute to stop it being printed by default.

I’ve then created a Design Customisation of the design area and toggled the Print option to yes.

I’ve then gone into a Standard Page and in the Settings screens I’ve applied the Design Customisation above.

For some reason, the customisation doesn’t show on the Standard Page. I’ve also tried checking other pages but it doesn’t show there either (not that I’d expect it to in those cases).

I’ve also tried reparsing the Design asset and clearing the Matrix cache in the Settings menu of the CMS. Still nothing.

Any ideas?

(Lewis) #2

Fixed. Re-reading the manual, I mistakenly thought that I could put HTML between the design_area=“body” tags :man_facepalming: