E-commerce form with cart solution for Matrix 6 coming from 5.5

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Long time lurker/admin, first time post.

Hoping someone can give me some pointers here.

The situation is, currently we are in 5.5 and are moving to 6. i have noticed there is a lack of information for building e-eCommerce forms with a cart function for 6. Its only when i went back to a 5.5 tutorial i saw that cart and checkout pages were deprecated in 6.

I would like to know what people are using for ecommerce in 6 and how to go about setting up a page with multiple items that can be added to the cart.


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Hi WD,
The ecommerce shop functionality has been deprecated in Matrix 6. It’s recommended to use 3rd party dedicated SaaS tools like https://www.shopify.com.au/ and https://www.ecwid.com/ and simply embed those shops into pages in Matrix.
Have you looked at some of those types of tools?

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Hi Bart,

Can you please clarify if the entire ecommerce shop functionality is being deprecated or parts of it?

There is no menton of the ecommerce form page being deprecated, so that does mean Squiz CMS will still continue to have basic cart functionality with the ability to connect to 3rd party services for the checkout?

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The shop functionality is fully deprecated, but ecommerce integration functionality is not. For example, the ecommerce form and payment gateways are not deprecated, but the shopping cart and checkout page and product assets are.

Hope that clarifies it?

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Thank you Bart for explaining, but anyway, any tutorials for matrix 6 so far? I’ve started using this software several weeks ago, but still, there are some options I don’t understand very well. I managed to build a relatively nice website for my small shop. I enjoyed the fact that it was easy to build it without any coding knowledge, everything was clear. But I wonder is possible to implement there additional tools and software from the 3rd parties. For example, I wanna boost my salesforce using revenuegrid software like email connectors and sales signals. It’s gonna be wonderful if this kind of work is available on matrix 6. Thanks!

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All tutorials for Matrix 6 can be found on the docs: https://docs.squiz.net/matrix/version/latest/tutorials/index.html

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Hi Bart,

You have confirmed what I suspected, sure thing, yes I have entertained that idea also, we were trying to keep things in the immediate ecosystem and trying to avoid 3rd party solutions but i suppose this is unavoidable these days.

cheers WD.

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If you need Salesforce connectors I can recommend salesforce odbc driver.