Easy Edit Suite "You do not have permissions to access this asset"

(K Dennis) #1

We are getting this error when attempting to login to the Easy Edit Suite:

(from the error log)
Raw Entry:	[07-May-2013 15:17:49]
Raw Entry:	0: js_api_error_handler (/var/www/squiz_matrix4/packages/web_services/js_api/js_api_error_handler.inc line 31):
Raw Entry:	ERROR: You do not have permissions to access this asset. Error Number:512

The error occurs for users with backend read write and admin permissions for the site, including ROOT.

The error occurs only on a new site recently added to the system

We have checked that the URL has been applied to the Javascript API, the EES Configuration file (and the site and design)


We are using Squiz Matrix 4.12.2 with EES build 1858


Can anyone suggest what might be the cause of this error, or a possible fix?







(Bart Banda) #2

Make sure you have added the new site as a root node on the details screen of the JS API asset. 

Related manuals screen: http://manuals.matrix.squizsuite.net/web-services/chapters/javascript-api#Details-Screen

(K Dennis) #3

Thank You Bart,


That fixed it.

(Gavin Boyd) #4

We are getting lots of these errors in our logs, one every few seconds.

Does the js api asset root nodes need to be set to site assets? Or can you set it to folder assets. We have many site assets across many folders and it is easier for us to set it to the highest folder root asset.

(Bart Banda) #5

You can set it to any asset type, so if you are using the same JS API asset for multiple sites, just set it to a higher level, even the root node asset would be fine as any calls are still permission checked.