Editor Does Not Load

(K Dennis) #1

Matrix Version:

I am building a Standard Page with 6 Content Containers using the “Multi-Column Content” Template.
But on every one of 3 new attempts to build the page, at some stage, when I click to open the Editor, instead of opening it loads an image-sprite image file:


After that, there seems to be no way to recover.
The CMS does not respond to attempts to navigate away from the page.
Clicking SAVE responds with “The form has already been submitted, please wait …”

I Used the User “MyAccount” menu to delete all locks and then logged out and back in. That gave me access that enabled me to trash the problem container from the page.

But after trashing the container, the Page still remained unworkable. On obtaining a lock on the page the CMS becomes unresponsive with the “The form has already been submitted, please wait …” messages.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong, please?
Or a work-around?