Email addresses in a dropdown list


Matrix Version:
I have a form and want to be able to populate the “from” email to the recipient from a dropdown list, but that list needs to show the office location in the frontend of the form and not the email address.
So the dropdown list will show office regional locations (towns) which the user can select, but the email that they receive after submitting the form has a replyto (using a keyword replacement of the dropdown list) of the regional office.
Can I do this out of the box or does this make it a developer job?

(Bart Banda) #2

Have a look at the Selective Emails Screen (, will that do what you are after?


thanks Bart, we use the selective emails to email a specific region which works fine, but the replyto address is what we put in the recipient email. It’s this address that I would like to be able to change dynamically depending on which region the email goes to

(Bart Banda) #4

Ah right. Have you tried using the %response_XXXX_qY% keyword in the From field? Where the keyword sources the value from the select dropdown list?