Email subject line keyword %form_submission_id% - does it work?

(Amurray) #1

Matrix Version:

Hello! I’m hoping to confirm keywords that are successful within the Subject Line of the Custom Form assets Email Options screen. Specifically %form_submission_id%.

We have an issue where when the output of the public form goes to an external mailbox, it reverts to print as “%form_submission_id%”. The goal is to ensure unique subject lines where possible.

I can see that in:
would only affect the bodycopy - not the subject line?

So I’m really hoping to know what we can rely on in terms on what keywords work in subject lines. In the past I’ve placed many in there with success, I was hoping anyone might know of an issue specifically with the %form_submission_id% keyword and what workarounds or other options might suit?

Is there a setting I have missed on the form that would ensure it works?

Thanks in advance!

(Nic Hubbard) #2

My guess is that the submission is not yet created when the email is sent, do Matrix does not yet have the submission ID.

(Bart Banda) #3

Yes, that keyword does work in the subject line. I believe it will only work though if you have submission logging turned on, can you confirm that is the case?

If it is, then there might be a bug in the version of Matrix you are using that is preventing it.

(Amurray) #4

Thanks @Bart @nnhubbard for your replies and confirmation :star::star::star:

The forms are going into CRM Dynamics, and so far any further tests seem to be successful, so I’m feeling hopeful this was a once-off.

I figured if it was a wider issue we would have definitely seen it on the mass of other forms we have, as well as those also going into CRM.