Email upon Checkout completion

(Emily) #1

Matrix Version: 5.5

It appears that the Checkout asset “Order Completion Actions” only has REST Resource and XML actions.
Perhaps an idea for future would be to also have a Send Email action? (such as Custom Forms have).

I want to send an email to the customer once they place an order, but can’t see an out-of-the-box method within matrix. I don’t believe the content of what is being purchased is passed onto the payment gateway (Braintree DropIn UI), so it would be ideal to issue the tax invoice from Matrix.

I have set up a basic Trigger to send an email on “payment completion” for that tree location, sending to the users email (since users must have an account to be able to order). However it does not automatically allow me to reference the checkout cart keywords, such as the Order ID number and the Cart_summary.

Have I overlooked an option in the process that does already do this?
If not, what is a recommended way to pass these variables through to the email to the customer? (I am not good with REST Resource actions, so I do not know if it is possible via this.)



Have a look at the Default Delivery Method Asset - specifically the “Delivery Email Options” and “Recipient Email Options” bits.

Seems like an odd place for it, but there you go…

(Emily) #3

Excellent, thank you!
Does seem a bit strange to be part of the “Delivery” not “checkout” section - especially for intangibles which don’t have a physical delivery…

Thanks! :slight_smile: