Enabling (LDAP) Authentication

(Widhi) #1

Hi Team,

Was wondering if it is a big work to enable a simple authentication on Squiz Matrix? We are wanting integrate with AD, to be able to enable some degree of personalisation, i.e. Hi !

Is this something that we should be able to do ourselves, or should we ask the vendor to do it for us?


(Emily) #2

Hi Widhi,
Hard to know without knowing what level of knowledge/ability-to-learn you/team have, as well as permissions level access in Matrix.

I have almost no integrations/programming background, just HTML/CSS mostly, but I have been able to setup LDAP connection and Facebook/LinkedIn/etc Authentications.

Been awhile since I did an LDAP, though! But from memory so long as you know the location you need to grab users from in the LDAP, and all the account name and password for Matrix access the LDAP, it was fairly easy to do when following the manual / existing examples.

But you will need System Administrator account type, I believe.

(Widhi) #3

Hi Emily,

That’s great to hear.

I believe we have administrator account type and we have someone who used to be a developer in the team.

Thanks for your reply.