Events Calendar (Recurring events)

(Codyduschka) #1

I have a calendar of events on my website and whenever a recurring event is inserted it displays it about 20 times down the page when you click on any of the days included. Anyone run into this problem? Normal events are fine it's just the recurring events that display strangely on each day.

Please disregard as I have sourced the problem.

(Cam) #2

Sorry for the necro on this but I’m having the same issue where any recurring calendar event asset seems to be infinitely listed if “until further notice is selected”. When you click into the asset it’s always for the current one, not the future asset (ie not 2 weeks time, or 4 weeks time).

I’ve tried recreating the asset from scratch in case it was corrupted during our Matrix 6 upgrade but it does the same thing.

Happy to create a new post if that’s more helpful.