Examples of creating asset through SOAP server

(Edinkin) #1

Hi all,

Does anyone have any code examples on how to setup custom form with form action to create asset.


What we want to setup is Custom form that has some text fields location picker on the map and file upload. The dificulty is that we need two (2) assets standard page and associated file.


Having multiple asset builders is a little messy. I can setup custom fom easily enough and already setup metadata to accept location info attached to standard page. I have also setup SOAP server and added API's. I know that you can create multiple actions on form submission, but I am not confident that you can create 2 assets at once.


I looked at mnuals to see what needs to be written, but I am lacking knowledge in this area.


It would be good to see a code in action


Any code examples would be good.


Thanks in advance.

(Nic Hubbard) #2

Have you looked into using the JS API for this?

(Edinkin) #3

It's a little confusing to me. I thought SOAP server is "Matrix API" sort of speak for external applications to interact with Matrix. I know I can use JS API to manipulate Matrix. I have setup single click multiple asset metadata update in a past.


Because it is a anonymous public facing form my choices for creating assets are asset builder or custom form with some back end processing. Asset builder isn't a great solution in this case and custom form submission actions only have SOAP call.


How would I use JS API?