Exclude an asset from search

(David Herrington) #1

My search is configured to show standard pages and redirect pages on my site root node. No problem at all.


I'd like to exclude a certain asset (folder) and its children (standard pages) from displaying in the search. I've hunted around but can't seem to find what I'm looking to do.


Anyone got any pointers for me?

(Joel Porgand) #2

In the search manager asset (under system management) use the "asset tree weights" screen, select your and then customize for the standard page asset type and set "Enable Indexing ?"  to no. 

(Nic Hubbard) #3

What J.P. said, but then make sure to reindex that asset to remove it.

(David Herrington) #4

Absolutely brilliant - that has worked perfectly. Thank you very much for your quick replies.

(Joel Boldero) #5


I have tried this and it’s nor working…any ideas?

I have a page called “Documentation” with a whole lot of other pages nested underneath it.

I want to exclude the “Documentation” page and all other nested pages from search.

Here are the steps I used.

  1. Using Asset Tree Weights, selected the “Documentation” asset -> Customise Asset Types -> Selected Standard Page -> Updated “Enable Indexing” to “No”.

  2. In Search Manager details, re-indexed the “Documentation” Asset.

After doing the above steps, I open a Cognito window, and eeven use /_nocache after the website, however the page still remains in search.

Any ideas?

(Bart Banda) #6

Hey, on the Details screen of the Search Page, try simply adding that page as an Excluded Root Node in this field

Exclude Asset from Search not working
(Joel Boldero) #7

Thanks Bart

I can’t see any of those options in my Search page details…

(Bart Banda) #8

Ah, might be the version you are using. What version are you on?

(Joel Boldero) #9

Hi Bart

I am using version