Expired OAuth 2.0 Token - wont refresh


Matrix Version:6.24.0

We are using OAuth 2.0 to fetch an access token, which we are then using with our REST resource.

The issue I am having, is that once the token has expired, a new token is not being fetched. Instead we are getting the following error:

“There is no Access Token in response”

I believe that I have the token credentials correct, as when I create the asset, a token is generated (along with an expiration token). However once it expires, it wont refresh with a new session.

Is there a process that I am missing which is causing Squiz to not refresh the token once expired?

(Chris Mackay) #2

The token may not be refreshing because the user is still in the same session.

Does the token refresh if a new session is started (close browser/open browser)?

Whilst still somewhat frustrating, it may help with part of the problem.

You may still need a way to refresh the token during the same session?


How do you use the refresh token in Squiz to fetch another to avoid this issue?
Closing session and starting another isnt a good UX.