Exposing Form Submission ID to Rest Asset POST

(Tbaatar) #1

Matrix Version:

I’m trying to expose the form submission id ( %form_submission_id%) to REST Asset but it doesn’t work.
Is there a unique keyword or combination I can use?


(Bart Banda) #2

Can you give a bit more context on how you are sending the form submission to the REST asset? Is this in a trigger or something else?

(Tbaatar) #3

Hi Bart,

The form is submitted with nested Rest Asset when it hits the thank you page of the custom form.

All of the response keywords e.g %globals_post_q86295:q1% works but the submission id keyword doesn’t work.


(Bart Banda) #4

Ah, yeah that’s because the REST asset doesn’t have the context of that keyword. You could try and pass it as a dynamic parameter in the nested content container perhaps? Alternatively, run the REST call using the form submission actions screen on the form contents asset instead?