"file.scss" is not an allowed file type. [CORE0266]


Matrix Version: 6.25

There is a problem compiling CSS for some users.

We have our CSS set up like this

  • CSS folder
    • SCSS Design File with .css file extension
      • CSS File with .scss file extension

It works great normally, and allows us to use SCSS code inside the CSS Files. Previously anyone who was compiling SCSS had sysadmin access.

We now have a dev who does not have sysadmin access. They have admin access to all the files they are working with. They get the following error:

“file.scss” is not an allowed file type. [CORE0266]

When they

  • attempt to compile an .scss file that works fine for everyone else.
  • create a new CSS File with .scss as the extension.

They are able to create SCSS Design Files with .scss extensions.

What access do they need to be able to create/use .scss files? How do I give it to them without giving them full sysadmin access?

They are able to create and use CSS Files with .css extensions, but using SCSS inside them causes compile errors instead.

(Harinder Singh) #2

[Version 6.44.1]

Seems to be working for us. I tested it as backend user and System administrator with admin permissions assigned to the user.



If you have a sys admin user but not linked under “System Management/ System Administrators” then it will behave like a backend user despite of user type.