Flat URLs in Squiz

(Lewis) #1

Hi. Is it possible to change from nested URLs like www.example.com/foo/bar/baz to flat URLs like www.example.com/baz in Squiz or have both types running simultaneously?

I’ve looked through the manuals and I can’t see to find anything.

Any suggestions? is it even possible?

(Tbaatar) #2

I don’t think this is possible from the Matrix admin screen.

There are couple of ways around it but require manual work around.

  1. Create New Link file (essentially shadow asset). Any changes to master file will update the linked file.
  2. Nest the contents of the page to the shorter URL/Asset.

(Nic Hubbard) #3

You can go to the Webpaths screen and create a remap with the shorter URL.

(Tbaatar) #4

Hi Nic,
The new path will still use the parent path of /foo/bar/ unless you go down the path of 301 redirects.

(Nic Hubbard) #5

Yes, it will just be a way of having a quick short link though that will be redirected to the main URL.