Form Fields and Form Fields

(David Saunders) #1

Is it possible to incorporate form fields into a form page? I’m using Squiz Matrix version 5 and on this page

The only thing that displays is the form fields. I want the page to display the page name and Form Page content but am unable to have the page display both components.

Thanks in advance

(Harinder Singh) #2

There is a page heading but its hidden. See the below screenshot

It seems like you have to enable the page heading either from metadata options or by applying different design customisation. Try to compare the metadata settings with a standard page and also which design customisation applied on both custom form and standard page(which is showing heading at the frontend).

I am guessing you are not nesting your form into standard page.


Hi @David-Saunders

I suspect different paint layout applied to Standard Page asset and Custom Form asset.

(Harinder Singh) #4

To make sure this you can use “User-Defined Layout” to test other paint layout on Form page.