Future Status cancelling Safe Edit changes due to workflow - but assets had no workflow applied


We have recently encountered an issue with making assets live from Safe Edit mode, using a Future Status.

When we applied the future status of Live to the assets that were in Safe Edit, we received a warning that the assets had a workflow schema applied, and the future status of Live would fail if the assets weren’t approved before the Future Status was triggered. I went back and tried to approve the assets before applying the future status, but I had no option to approve the assets - my only option was to approve them and make them live.

We then applied the Live future status to the assets. Unfortunately, the when the future status triggered and made the assets live, it cancelled all of the changes made.

The issue is that none of these assets had a workflow schema applied. We don’t know why we received the warning about workflow when we applied the future status, nor why the future status cancelled the changes made in Safe Edit. We are not confident using the future status trigger again until we work out why the issue occurred.

Has anyone had a similar issue?

(Harinder Singh) #2

You need to “Approve” your changes and your asset will be in " Safe Edit Approved To Go Live".

Only then you can set the future status to go Live.


Thank you Harinder :slightly_smiling_face:

We have applied a workflow schema to the assets and can now approve them in Safe Edit; the Future Status to Live now works.