Future status keyword replacement

(Greg Roberts) #1


I've got an asset listing for a series of standard pages with details of last updated date, date created etc. Future status is currently set for all of these pages but there appears to be no keyword replacement to pull out these details. Eg. I would like to include in the asset listing the date and time when a page is to be Archived, date and time when a page comes Up For Review… Can anyone help me with this?

(Nic Hubbard) #2

I do not think that this is possible.

You might have to set up a trigger to set a metadata date field with the same value in order to print this on the front-end.

(Greg Roberts) #3

Thanks for your reply. I had not thought about using a Trigger to set a metadata field to print this on the front end - this could work. Exactly how can I pass the Future Status value to the Metadata field without having a keyword available to use?

(John G) #4

I am trying to do this, display the future status of assets in an asset listing page. Has this feature been added since the question was asked? Or can someone please educate me on how to do it? Thanks

(Bart Banda) #5

Future statuses are separate assets that are hidden in the asset map, but live under the scheduled jobs manager.

You could nest a search page in that does a stored search for all future status scheduled jobs and uses the current asset’s asset ID as the value to search for.


Is there a trick to doing this? Because I tried doing just a search page to list these and I can’t get any cron jobs to show up.

(Bart Banda) #7

You might need to make sure scheduled jobs are indexed by the search manager first, maybe try a reindex of the scheduled jobs manager asset and all its children.