General Questions about Squiz


Hi there,

I have a few questions about Matrix JS API and forms.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

JS API and Asset Locks:

Question: Is there a way to prevent asset locks from being released when updating metadata fields using the JS API?

Form Validation and Required Field Mark:

  1. Is there an option to conditionally show the required field mark only when the field is required during form validation? .e., show/hide based on conditional validation.

  2. Can the previous value of a conditional field be cleared if the condition changes after entering a value?

  3. Do forms support array values for handling repetitive fields?

  4. Can the form summary template be customised?

(Harinder Singh) #2

For validation:

  1. Utilize the jQuery Validation plugin for your validation needs. You can set custom attributes in the input fields and validate them based on those required attributes.
  2. Use a custom JS solution to clear the form values based on the selection.
  3. Which field are you referring to, and what is your desired outcome?
  4. Are you asking about actions after the form submission or related to email copies?

Regarding the form layout, if you allow Matrix to load the form with the default layout and then apply your styles and JS solution on top of it, it will be easier to control the behavior. This approach allows you to create common solutions for all your forms.