Get attribute from all assets in a search folder


In short, I’ve got a search folder for all rest resources we currently have and I was wondering what’s the easiest way to extract the URL from each one of the resources in this search folder.

On an individual asset level, from what I can tell when I do a dump of a rest resource the JSON path is: asset.http_request.value.urls but %globals_asset_attribute_http_request:1234% doesn’t actually get me the data.

So firstly, is it possible to extract this attribute from all the assets in a search folder and if so, how might I go about it? Thanks!

EDIT: Also trying to export the search folder so I can get the attribute from the XML also didn’t work as it just gives me the search folder XML and not the assets contained within.


Use %asset_data_attributes% to inspect the assets attributes as json
Then combine with the index modifier to extract the value/s you are after