Getting an SSL for a domain for a site that sits in a Matrix instance

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Matrix Version:

www putteridgebury co uk goes to this Matrix site
https:// www beds ac uk / putteridgebury
But http:// www putteridgebury co uk
is not secure, so no nice padlock

Got a CSR from Squiz for
www putteridgebury co uk is with
https:// www heartinternet uk
The guy who runs Putteridge Bury phoned up https:// www heartinternet uk / ssl-certificates
to buy a certificate but they said putteridgebury co uk comes up as ‘Amazon web services’ and they said he could not buy an SSL from heartinternet.
Who can we buy an SSL from?
https:// www beds ac uk / putteridgebury
is hosted in a Matrix instance with Squiz.

I think we have to buy the SSL via Squiz. Is that correct?

(The URLs above have all their dots removed because a pop up came up saying 'new users can only include 2 links in a post)

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From my understanding you have a single server with 2 different domains, and currently you have links sending visitors to website.

All you will need is to purchase SSL from any vendor (maybe use existing vendor QuoVadis Limited?). Install the certificate/private key on the server (usually in /etc/ssl directory) and update the virtual host file for to point to the SSL certificates installed on the server for putterridgebury.

The other option is to just 301 redirt the URL to the

(David Schoen) #3

If you got a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from Squiz that’d be for a regular purchased SSL cert, any vendor that’s able to sell a cert should be able to work with that and supply it back in a format that Squiz Support can work with - but if there’s any doubt it’s better to confirm back with Squiz support than here on the forum.

Depending on the deployment, some clients are using Lets Encrypt already.

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Thank you very much for your help.

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Thank you very much for your help