Globals_asset_contents + global variable

(Sang) #1

Matrix Version: v4.18.2


I am trying to use following keywords


but it seems not working here. I also found server(runat) but not working in this version.

Is there alternative way to do this?

(David Schoen) #2

^with_get was added in (or -

4.18.2 was released at the start of 2014.

I believe in 4.18.2 you could still create a nested contents div and set the dynamic get vars in the advanced configuration, but I’d strongly encourage pushing for an upgrade.

(Tbaatar) #3

Hi David,

Is the upgrade process from Matrix 4.18 to 5.5 easy as using the upgrade script or bit more involved now since Matrix 5 repo is now on Git?


(David Schoen) #4

The upgrade script worked basically the same before and after the CVS->Git migration, that part should make no difference.

4.18->5.5 is a big hop, but the longer it’s put off the bigger it gets.

(Tbaatar) #5

Thanks for info David.

Is the process of using the backup script and restore exactly the same from Matrix 4 to 5.5?
I’m thinking this might be a quicker way forward.

Any thoughts on this process over the upgrade script method?