Has anyone use the eSec Payment gateway?

(Mmourits) #1


We would like to use the eSec payment gateway in Matrix to handle payments with WestPac in New Zealand. I have read the documentation and searched online for various answers but I'd like to hear from anyone who knows a recent implementation that used the ecommerce module and this build in payment gateway

Or, alternatively, uses another technique (or hack) to handle payments in Matrix.

What we are looking for is to offer a pay-to-download functionality. So a typical transaction would go like this:

(Justin Cormack) #2

Matt emailed me and I have sent him some more info - if anyone else has any similar questions please get in touch.

There is a draft ecommerce manual floating around too that is very helpful, hopefully it should be finished soon…


(Shane Weddell) #3

You don't want to share this with the wider community?

(Shane Weddell) #4

Looks like the manual is out now. http://forums.matrix.squiz.net/index.php?showtopic=6494

(Justin Cormack) #5

Well, I was expecting the manual to be released any minute as it was nearly finished when I saw it.

Other than that, this works well with Paypal, and we have added a generic "payment made" trigger event this week (Paypal already had one), although so far only the Datacash payment gateway implements it.

(Monica Jenner) #6

I am using Paypal for my business, this is one of the best payment gateway i have ever used. you can also choose this and there are many others as well. its up to you