Hipo Jobs stuck in HIPO herder

(Harinder Singh) #1

Matrix Version: 6.10.0

Few of our staff members are struggling with hipo jobs. Randomly, they are getting stuck in the Hipo herder.

We have checked browser popup options and they are enabled on their machines.

They cannot access Hipo Herder to clear the jobs as per their user type restrictions.

User asset type: Content Editors

Any suggestions??

(John gill) #2

I believe that Content Editor users can use HIPO Herder, it just isn’t linked in the usual spot (or anywhere, it seems).

As far as I can tell the only link to HIPO Herder for Content Editor users is when they try to log out with a stuck HIPO - it warns them about the stuck job and provides a link to HIPO herder.

So you can either tell them to try to logout, or just get them to bookmark /_admin/?backend_section=hipo_herder to access HIPO Herder directly. Once there, they can only see their own HIPOs, not those belonging to other users, and resumption seems to work fine.

(Harinder Singh) #3

I checked the options and they both worked.

Maybe Squiz developers make this option available for all the users in their next release.

Thanks for the solutions.