How often, if at all, are pages automatically recached?


Matrix Version: 6.25.0

I have an SSJS component that lists assets. I have been asked to regularly randomise the order of these assets. I can set a random order with SSJS, but of course that won’t have an effect on the front-end until the page is recached.

I know I could probably set a job to recache the page this component exists on at regular intervals, but before I do that I wanted to ask how often, if at all, do pages get automatically recached?

(Nick Papadatos) #2

Have you looked at the cache manager? I believe there you can set root nodes to cache/not to cache but am not 100% sure.


You could create a trigger that looks at the SSJS page and saves the html content into a file / asset as static content. You then use that asset instead. You could have the trigger running on a frequency, however the least amount of time is once every 15 minutes.

I did this for a complex menu which I did for one of our sites.