How to add content to a remote content page?

(P Yee) #1


I've created a remote content page to grab a data from a report in Funnelback. My question is it possible to add extra content on the remote page?

(Nic Hubbard) #2

Sure. Just create a paint layout for the Remote Content page. Then add whatever HTML you want to wrap around the page. :slight_smile:

Just be sure to apply the paint layout… and use the %asset_contents% keywords in the paint layout.

(Robin Shi) #3

Further to Nic's replay, to split the template and content, you can nest asset listing into the paintlayout. The asset listing looks down from the current node (the remote content page) for child page, then grab child page's content. By this way you can reuse the paintlayout for the other remote content pages.

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #4

I know, I know, this thread is from 2012, but I just want to thank Nic Hubbard for the paint layout / remote content solution. Works perfectly for applying a regular expression asset to the output of a remote content asset which is set to tunnel children addresses - with the regular expression applying there as well.