Image Slider in Squiz Marketplace not working

(Chrishan Peiris) #1

Matrix Version:

Has anyone used image slider component in Squiz Marketplace - ?

This component is working without any issue in the back end and edit mode after it is imported into Squiz as a content template. But it is not showing in the preview mode (I inspected the page but no content is loaded into page)


Are you using Bootstrap 4?

(Chrishan Peiris) #3

Yes…Bootstrap 4 is already there

(Bart Banda) #4

Does this mean there is no HTML code at all being outputted by the Paint Layout? Or just not text and image content?

Any errors in the error log when you try and view the frontend of the page?

(Chrishan Peiris) #5

Yes, no content outputted by the paint layout… Just an empty DIV. No errors in browser console. Image slider perfectly works in edit or admin mode.

(Edinkin) #6

Same problem here, when I tried Gilmore template, accordion, tabs and image slider content containers all have same issue, no errors no html is outputted on front end works perfectly in edit or admin mode.

(Edinkin) #7

While saving changes in edit mode I get this message


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message: 'Data supplied for unserialization was not a string

574092 asset refers to CT includes and this script <script src=""></script>

It still saves though

(Chrishan Peiris) #8

The same error I am getting only in admin mode, not in edit+ , as you said all the changes saved even if the error is there

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message: 'Data supplied for unserialization was not a string' in [SYSTEM_ROOT]/packages/mirror/vendor/lyte/serial/src/Unserializer.php(19): Lyte\Serial\Unserializer-&gt;__construct(Array)
#1 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/vendor/lyte/serial/src/Serial.php(10): Lyte\Serial\Serial::unserialize(Array)
#2 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Lyte\Serial\Serial::isSerialized(Array)
#3 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Asset_Attribute-&gt;unserialiseValue(Array)
#4 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Asset_Attribute-&gt;processedKeywordValue()
#5 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/assets/files/image/ Asset-&gt;_getKeywordReplacement('asset_data')
#6 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Image-&gt;_getKeywordReplacement('asset_data')
#7 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/fudge/general/ Asset-&gt;getKeywordReplacement('asset_data')
#8 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/fudge/general/ _evalute_as_asset_modifier(Array, Array)
#9 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/fudge/general/ apply_keyword_modifier(Array, Array, Array, '')
#10 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ apply_keyword_modifiers(Array, Array, Array)
#11 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/assets/bodycopy/bodycopy_containers/bodycopy_div/ Asset_Edit_Interface-&gt;getKeywordsReplacementsForPaint(Object(Bodycopy_Div #810005), Object(Backend_Outputter), Object(Layout #809972), Array, true, false, '')
#12 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/assets/bodycopy/bodycopy_containers/bodycopy_div/ Bodycopy_Div_Edit_Fns-&gt;paintCustomLayoutInterface(Object(Bodycopy_Div #810005), '809971...', true)
#13 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/assets/bodycopy/bodycopy/ Bodycopy_Div_Edit_Fns-&gt;paintContainer(Object(Bodycopy_Div #810005), Object(Backend_Outputter), 'bodycopy_810002', false, Object(Bodycopy #810002))
#14 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Bodycopy_Edit_Fns-&gt;paintBodycopy(Object(Bodycopy #810002), Object(Backend_Outputter), 'bodycopy_810002') via call_user_func_array()
#15 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Asset_Edit_Interface-&gt;_doPaintFunctionCall(Object(Bodycopy #810002), Object(Backend_Outputter), 'bodycopy_810002', Object(SimpleXMLElement))
#16 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Asset_Edit_Interface-&gt;printEditInterface('screen_contents', Object(Bodycopy #810002), Object(Backend_Outputter), false, Array, '')
#17 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Asset_Edit_Interface-&gt;paint(Object(Bodycopy #810002), Object(Backend_Outputter), false)
#18 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/assets/bodycopy/bodycopy/ Asset-&gt;paintBackend(Object(Backend_Outputter))
#19 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Bodycopy-&gt;paintBackend(Object(Backend_Outputter))
#20 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Asset_Manager_Edit_Fns-&gt;paintBackend()
#21 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Asset_Manager-&gt;paintBackend(Object(Backend))
#22 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Backend-&gt;_printMain()
#23 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Backend-&gt;paintOutputter(Object(Backend_Outputter), 'main')
#24 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ Backend-&gt;paint()
#25 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/include/ MySource-&gt;printBackend()
#26 [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/web/index.php(28): MySource-&gt;start()

(Bart Banda) #9

Ah, are you using Mirror at all on your instance? In that case you are hitting a Mirror bug that was fixed in version 4.0.0, so try upgrading it to that.

(Chrishan Peiris) #10

Hi @Bart not sure about Mirror. I just imported the content template from Squiz marketplace and tried to use inside a content container template. Maybe the image slider content template might have Mirror feature. How can I find the Mirror version in Squiz?

(Bart Banda) #11

It’s not visible in the UI unfortunately, but you should regardless send a support ticket in to Squiz to get it sorted, as those errors refer to an issue that was fixed in Mirror that affects all Content Templates.

(Chrishan Peiris) #12

@Bart Thanks for the information…

(Edinkin) #13

@christian Did you manage to resolve the issue?

(Chrishan Peiris) #14

Hi @EricD,

No, I informed to the management team and they are reviewing it to send a support ticket to Squiz. I will post if I can resolve it.