Inquiring About Squiz DXP

(Harinder Singh) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m curious if anyone has already signed up with Squiz DXP . Could you provide guidance on the following points?

  1. Overall experience : I’d like to hear about your general experience using Squiz DXP.
  2. Transitioning : If you’ve transitioned from an existing cloud or on-premises solution to the AWS SaaS platform , I’d appreciate any insights.
  3. Subscription agreement review : How was your experience with the subscription agreement process?
  4. Pricing feedback : Any thoughts on the pricing structure would be helpful.
  5. Discounts and negotiation : Have any of you received discounts or negotiated pricing with Squiz DXP?
  6. Hiccups or challenges : Were there any unexpected challenges or issues during your implementation or usage?

Thanks in advance!