Insert Image WYSIWYG Tool

(autjoe) #1

Matrix Version: 5.4.7
The Insert Image tool within the WYSIWYG editor has 3 tabs across the top of the tool now.
Is it possible to remove the URL tab and only make the other two methods available?

(Tarman) #2

@autjoe Do you mean is there any settings that disable those tabs in Insert Image plugin in Admin mode?

We do not have any settings in admin mode where we an disable those tabs on Insert Image plugins.

(Aleks Bochniak) #3

Hide via css is the ‘standard’ way

(Tbaatar) #4

Hey Aleks, you still around using Matrix? :nerd_face:

I thought the veteran devs have moved on.

(Aleks Bochniak) #5

Hello. I’m still using Matrix and Funnelback at

Currently rebuilding a new front end framework for the whole site. New homepage might go live in the next week or so :wink:

(Tbaatar) #6

Cool. Look forward to seeing the result.