Instagram Feed Component Issues

(Brad Ingram) #1

Matrix Version:

Hey Guys, im having some trouble getting the Instagram component from Squiz Marketplace working.

I have downloaded the file, uploaded to Squiz, set the up the template, applied the schema and paint layout, yet i when i preview the page, all i am seeing is “Loading feed…”.

I cant for the life of me work out what im doing wrong, i thought it may be due to the format of the user account, but i have tried everything from @usernameexample to the full URL, nothing is working.

Is there any documentation on this or has anyone had any luck getting this up and running yet?


(Bart Banda) #2

Hey Brad,
If you inspect the console tab of your browsers dev tools, does it show any errors there?
One thing to make sure is that the REST asset found under the imported assets has a URL applied to it and is live and accessible by the frontend, as that’s what that JS calls to get the instagram data.
Also, what version of Matrix are you using?

(Brad Ingram) #3

Hey Bart,

We’ve sorted it out, It was the URL issue. We’ve moved the REST asset from out under a folder and put it under a site asset which has fixed it.