Instance_start_date in Calendar Search Page and Paint Layout

(Lauren) #1

Squiz Matrix v5.4.4.0

I have a calendar event search page which displays an event listing. I have a recurring event which occurs every month. All is working fine until I click through from the listing and the paint layout displays the first start date not the instance start date. I am using the below keywords and a recurring event type format on the paint layout for the event asset.

%instance_start_datetime^date_format:g\:i a% - 
%instance_end_datetime^date_format:g\:i a%
%instance_start_datetime^date_format:l j F Y%

What could I do to ensure each instance displays the correct date.

Many thanks

(Bart Banda) #2

What do you get when you just print %instance_start_datetime% and %event_start_date% by themselves? (and not within a %begin% conditional keyword block). Just to see the difference between what they print.

Also, can you share a screenshot of your recurring event’s details screen?


Has anyone been able to do this? I am facing the same challenge at the moment.

In the paint layout, both keywords suggested by Bart output the first date of the recurring event.

(Tbaatar) #4

Did you make sure to print the keywords into correct type format of Recurring Calendar Event Format?


Also try printing the days/time individually like this:

%instance_start_datetime_l%, %instance_start_datetime_j% %instance_start_datetime_F% %instance_start_datetime_Y%