Integrating Squiz with CKAN

(Steven De Costa) #1

Heya folks,

I’m one of the co-stewards for the CKAN project, and open source enterprise metadata management solution. It is used by a bunch of Government jurisdictions globally and is increasingly being used by non Government entities too.

Those who use CKAN tend to get a lot of value from the API, which allows a user to traverse the entire catalogue and start to use the descriptive metadata values ‘about’ data to bring forward those datasets as content for other applications.

I guess I have an open question for the forum here… does it sound interesting for the Squiz community to work on having a bunch of common code approaches from taking elements from CKAN into the content management space of Squiz? If so, would anyone be keen to join a video conf call this week to talk about it a bit more, to let me show you the ropes on CKAN and generally show you the types of integrations that have been done with CMS solutions such as WordPress and Drupal?