Is disabling/hiding fields from specific metadata schema possible?

(Joe) #1

I would like to create several metadata fields that will be added to every single page asset and should not be viewable/editable by most of the editors in admin (everybody except 1 user group). This metadata schema should be applied to every single page asset.

I have already tried to set the fields as ‘not editable’ in the metadata schema, but the problem is that the fields cannot be updated through JS API - even if I call setMetadata and get a success message back, the field’s value does not change.

(Tbaatar) #2

Can you create global else if condition to expose depending on user group?

Check out the conditional and globals > user keywords from the manual.

(Joe) #3

I am sorry, I am talking about Squiz Admin interface, not the frontend or Edit+.

(Bart Banda) #4

Unfortunately this is not possible. You can’t restrict certain metadata fields from being edited by certain authors.
You could maybe set up a trigger that runs before metadata updated and checks which metadata has been updated and by whom, and then fail the action it if doesn’t meet the conditons, but not sure how feasible that would be.