Is there a way to add additional mime types to matrix?

(Erwin Strobel) #1


I have an asset listing that requires a unique “Type format” for files with a .ics extension (calendar file saved in a universal calendar format).

Just wondering if there is a way to add additional mime types to the available “asset types to list” in Matrix?



(Petri Iivonen) #2

Add them as files of any type you want and create a design for correct MIME type. E.g. for iCal:
<MySource_PRINT id_name=“global” var=“content_type” content_type=“text/Calendar” />
<MySource_PRINT id_name=“global” var=“content_attachment” extension=“ics” />
<MySource_area id_name=“body” design_area=“body” />

And apply above design to listing page.

(John gill) #3

No, you can’t add your own asset types.

If you just need different output for different kinds files stored as File assets, you’ll probably need to use conditional keywords in the File type format, for example:

<li>Calendar File - %asset_name_linked%</li>
<li>Generic File - %asset_name_linked%</li>

(Erwin Strobel) #4

Thank you so much :slight_smile: