Issue trying to upload a CSV

(Nick Papadatos) #1

Matrix Version: 6.28
Has anyone had any issues trying to upload a .CSV to a CSV Data Source?
I’m getting “Your action failed, please try again. (code 500)”

I’m guessing there an issue with formatting somewhere within the file or there’s a limit of how many rows can be uploaded?

Hopefully someone from squiz could answer if there’s a limit.

Any help will be appreciated

(Seano) #2

I recall a similiar issue I had with a CSV file. The fix was to make sure it was CSV “UTF-8 encoded text”. Perhaps check that.

(Nick Papadatos) #3

No, it’s not that. When I delete chunks out the file it does eventually upload so I’m trying to narrow it down to find the the problem but it’s like a needle in a haystack :frowning:

(Nick Papadatos) #4

Hey Seano,
I ended up finding something online re; “clean .csv data”.


  • Saved the excel as csv
  • Open a new Blank workbook
  • Import from text/csv into the blank workbook and selected the .csv file
  • from the import settings I selected 65001: Unicode (UTF-8) from file origin
  • re-saved it as a new .csv file

After this I was able to upload it to Matrix - I nearly have no hair left trying to figure this out.

(Seano) #5

Thanks for sharing Nicky, glad you got it worked out. And maybe google ‘hair restorer’ :wink: