Issue with Honeypot spam prevention

(Jamie Smith) #1

Matrix Version:

I’m attempting to use a honeypot question in a Custom Form. However, I can’t get it to work: the form submits successfully even when the honeypot field has a value.

The form markup in the Page Contents bodycopy is:


Is there perhaps something I’m missing?

Cheers in advance.

(Jamie Smith) #2

Looks like the issue was caused by there being a space in the
value of the Field Name. I added a hyphen and it now works as expected.

(Andrew Harris) #3

Oh, thank you!

Honestly, the documentation for this is woeful!

Not only that, the default markup it produces is inaccessible, in that a screenreader (or other assistive device) user may inadvertently fill the field because by default there’s no proper label telling them not to. Screenreader users rarely read title attributes, and in forms, mode mostly only read legends and labels.

A useful tool, that fails through poor implementation. A shame.

(Jack) #4

The problem of spam will always be relevant, solved only by heavy moderation, but this is time-consuming…