Keyword for site index in listing

(Nick Ashton) #1

Matrix Version:5.5.6
If I’m listing site assets (or using a paint layout to nest one in a page/layout) is there a keyword for the site’s index page? Or for attributes of the site’s index page?

Getting information from the site asset or site index of the site you are on is well covered but I can’t see any way of getting information for the index of another site

globals_site_index_id:152755 works a treat but globals_site_index_id:{asset_assetid} does nothing

(Harinder Singh) #2

try this:

<script runat="server">print('%' + 'globals_site_index_id:' + %asset_assetid% +'%');</script>

(Nick Ashton) #3

That’s kind of crazy but it does work