Keyword within CSS


hi all

I am trying to embeded metadata keyword within CSS so it can be changed easily by modifying metadata of the asset
So on display color is using the metadata field code.
I have got the metadata schema setup and apply to the asset, but it seems the keyword is being picked up


(Harinder Singh) #2

What is your CSS file type? Is it CSS_File or CSS Design File???


hello, it’s actually inline CSS
<style=“background-color: %asset_metadata_color%;”>
then the asset metadata is set with different code


(TT) #4

what gets produced on the frontend where the keyword is placed? Is this placed in a paint layout or a design file or just a standard page?

(Rhys) #5

this should work

style=“border-color: %asset_status_colour%;”



it’s placed in a paint layout, at frontend it produces nothing

(Harinder Singh) #7

try to use this keyword and let us know