Last Status Change Keyword output

(Harinder Singh) #1

Matrix Version: 6.10.0

I have setup a trigger to notify us if someone change the status of Site type assets accidentally. Now, I have restricted user groups to view Details screen but still we have Admin users who have full rights and can change status. It happened yesterday.

The trigger email looks like below:

Here are the details:

Site name : %asset_name%

Asset Id : %asset_assetid%

Time : %asset_status_changed_readable%

User who made the change : %asset_status_changed_by_name%

Who(asset id) : %asset_status_changed_by_assetid%

Last status : %asset_metadata_SITE.status.description%

Current status : %asset_status_description%

The keyword I am using to capture the date and time is not printing the expected (31 Aug) date but previously status changed date.


Is it a expected behavior or a bug?


I did a quick manual check and got the expected date changes.
In the results you provided, both Last Status and Current Status are the same. If that’s the case, status_changed wouldn’t be updated.

(Harinder Singh) #3

Trigger is running “After Status Changed” event. So, it should pick the correct date.

(Bart Banda) #4

Can you share the full set up of your trigger? Might be a bug but keen to have a look at the full trigger to see if we can replicate in the latest version.

(Harinder Singh) #5

Here is the screenshot my trigger set up.