LaTex support, anyone?

(Andrew Harris) #1

We’ve got a department here using lack of LaTeX support as a reason for not using Matrix.
Has anyone tackled such a problem successfully?

(Jsisk) #2

Hi Andrew,

I’ve heard of LaTex before, but unfortunately I’m not very familiar with it.

We’d be interested to hear what the problems are.
Can you outline what it is you are missing from Matrix that deters your users from using it and we might be able to figure out how to get the two systems talking to each other?

If you have access a LaTex API, our Services team might be able to build something that can solve this for you and your users.


(Nathan Callahan) #3

I’ve not seen it done in Matrix, but I’m pretty sure that you could use a preprocessor such as The Khan Academy’s Katex and use SSJS to render the LaTeX for you.

For full documents, there’s LaTeX.js. I’ve not seen that in action beyond the website, though. That can be used either in-browser, or as SSJS, from what I can see.

You may run into some file extension and MIME type issues with the Matrix configuration. They’re probably surmountable, though.

(Andrew Harris) #4

Thanks @ncallahan - I stumbled upon MathJax, which runs LaTeX in the browser, and actually works quite well for small pieces of LaTeX - which is all we really need in Matrix. It’s unobtrusive and flexible - doesn’t screw with our templates :slight_smile: