Logging in to Matrix using JMeter

(Tim Davison) #1

Hi all


I'm trying to do some performance testing of EES/Edit+ transactions in Matrix and figured I would use JMeter (I have used it before including secured areas) but I can't seem to figure out the configuration I need to sort out logging in - it's more than just setting the username and password in a POST request.


This is a similar post where Dave Schoen says he has a way to do it setting the cookies, but it is > 5 years old and I couldn't replicate what he was doing.  (Dave's pretty smart, so what may be bleedingly obvious to him may not be so obvious to us mere mortals).


Has anyone been able to set this up and get logging in to Matrix to work with JMeter?



(Anthony Barnes) #2

I haven't had experience with JMeter but it looks like it supports HTTP Auth. We occasionally enable this when 3rd party systems need to access Matrix with specific login credentials. You can read about the feature in the manuals. Basically it's a matter of turning on the right config and using ?USE_HTTP_LOGIN=1 on your authentication url.