Marketplace Commenting app

(Norman Goh) #1

Does anyone have experience with the Commenting app on Marketplace?

Features says ability to Rapidly moderate your comments. But are we able to moderate before the post can be live and seen publicly? We’ve installed it but it doesn’t appear to have comment approval capability.

Matrix Version:

(Scott Hall) #2

Hi Norman. Moderation is currently limited to editing and deleting comments. Reviewing comments prior to the public seeing them has already been logged in our idea bank for future consideration. If you have any further feedback about how you think this should work then I would love to hear it. We have also logged the ability to receive email notifications about comments and to moderate via email in our idea bank too.

(Norman Goh) #3

Thanks for confirming Scott. I can’t think of anything else apart from what you’ve mentioned for future consideration. Hope the app will get an update in the near future. In the meantime we’ll look to build something or get a 3rd party plugin.