Matrix 5 Download Media

(Tim Davison) #1

Hi all - does anyone know where the Matrix 5 download and install media is? Used to be able to access it off this page here:

And follow the link for “download Squiz Matrix as VM or as code”. This link now points me to this page:

Where I’m prompted to login to Squiz Digital Experience Platform, which I don’t think I have access to and no link to create an account to access the downloads. I know I’ve accessed this before for the VM and have that running, but was wanting to access the manual install to test out a distributed system (Postgres on a different server). Now I can’t access the downloads area.

Is it just me? Am I look in the wrong place? Anyone know where it is or how to access?


(Nic Hubbard) #2

Here is a link to

(Tim Davison) #3

Thanks Nic! I was actually after the code downloads, not the full VM, do you know if they’re still available? I seem to recall there was a matrix repo (possibly git or CVS?) we used to be able to access, not sure if that’s still available.

Should I be able to get it off the running VM? I’ve pulled the code off but haven’t had a chance to upload and try running an install yet on a new machine.

(Tbaatar) #4

Wondering the same.

Whatever happened to the download page with the code and VM for both Matrix 5 and 6?

The link to download the file sends you to this login page.

(Harinder Singh) #5

Seems like it is not open source anymore.