Matrix 6 is coming

(system) #1

We’re extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of Squiz Matrix version 6!

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(Tbaatar) #2

Exciting news.
Very interested in which plug-ins will be getting overhauled.

Surely, the back-end editor is getting overhauled for those that don’t need Edit+.

(Serge) #3

JS API fixes? Asset versioning for rollback?

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #4

Is there any chance that the Admin interface improvements will see the end of popups and the end of “Squiz Matrix requires popup blocking to be disabled for certain functions to work correctly.” - which I see all the time in incognito windows or meeting rooms where my profile isn’t kept from session to session?

(Serge) #5

I’d also love to see:

  1. URL that follows asset map current location so it can be bookmarked
  2. Asset map that doesn’t reset itself to root node once teleported to a child node
  3. A search field that also looks into content of assets

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #6

We often provide urls based on the webpath of a site or asset - //$server/$sitepath/_admin works well now?

(Serge) #7

I mean this should change in the address bar as I’m clicking on different assets in the asset map, not stay on the initial one.

(Rwahyudi) #8

As a backend guy this is all very exiting !!!

  • Yessss to php7 & postgres 10 !
  • I can see that the new version try to reduce file & storage dependencies. The large number of tiny files making it hard to scale out the server. I hope that the code and assets are now completely separate so we can turn off validate_timestamps.
  • Another pet peeve I have with current version is the insane number of queries needed to built a simple page. Since v6 focus on Postgres only - does that mean we will see some function move to DB and reduce number of queries ?
  • “better system replication” - I think this deserve its own point and more explanation
  • “remove convert to other more common functionality” Yess … Can we put more focus on client side include and drop support for edge side include?

Overall I’m happy that this release put focus on performance and can’t wait to see it.

(Tbaatar) #9


Do we have revised release date for Matrix 6? I’d like to push for system upgrade but would prefer to wait for 6 if it will come out this year.


(Bart Banda) #10

We are now looking at a release in Q3 of this year for Matrix 6.