Matrix browser extension for chrome and edge

(Dave Oakley) #1

Hi Matrix community, :wave: my team have recently created a browser extension for chrome (and edge) that adds a floating “Edit” menu / tool, that hovers over your web pages, for quick access to editing in Matrix.

It adds the _admin /_edit /_nocache /_recache suffixes out of the box, but you can configure it in the settings to include any suffix you use frequently. It also has a share this page option by default.

To get it working on your website:

  1. Install and pin the extension
  2. Click the extension icon to configure it (add your website url) - it doesn’t auto detect matrix sites
  3. Re load the web page and the floating tool will appear

The extension won’t ever collect any data.

If you find bugs or have feature requests let me know. :ok_hand:


(Dave Oakley) #2

Hi there, I can see we have 23 installs which is great, thank you! If you have feedback let us know, we’re keen to improve this extension so it can do more. Dave.