Matrix Newsletter - December 2018

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It really does feel like it was yesterday that I was writing the December 2017 newsletter, reflecting on the year that was and looking ahead towards a big 2018. However,...

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Happy New Year Squiz!

As ever very insightful information and lots of good work in 2018. Also sad new this will be the last monthly newsletter as I have loved the updates. Hopefully product updates will continue.

Couple of things caught my eye were:

  • New deprecations page that I wasn’t aware of. It states the classic WYSIWYG editor will be deprecated in Matrix 6. Is there going to be a free replacement?
  • Is the marketplace going to be open to developers outside Squiz?
  • Is the marketplace going to be offering paid model?

(Bart Banda) #3

Yes, the Viper WYSIWYG we use in Edit+ will be the default WYSIWYG instead.

That’s the plan eventually, but probably not for a while. Don’t have more details on this atm though.

We may have some items in there that are subscription or fee based, but those details haven’t been decided yet either.

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Hi Bart,

Thanks for the feedback.

Can’t wait to try Matrix 6 when it is released.