Matrix PostgreSQL Tables that save Standard Page content

(Varun) #1

Would anyone know which PostgreSQL table(s) saves the content of Standard Page. I am referring to the Container Content type of asset. I just need to know the table names. I had a quick look around but table names are not very indicative.
I am migrating some content from Matrix to Django. While it can be done using Python’s requests module, doing it from Postgres would have been shorter if I know which tables to focus on.
Couldn’t find any documentation on Squiz Matrix’s database schema.

(John gill) #2

The actual HTML content of WYSIWYG and Raw HTML containers are attributes, which are stored in sq_ast_attr_val.

If there are any Content Templates in use, those extra fields are metadata, which are stored in sq_ast_mdata_val.

That said, I would recommend pulling the pages out the front by HTTP. Trying to stitch it together from the DB is feasible for the simple case but it’s bound to be risky if there are more complex bits and pieces.

(Varun) #3

Thanks for raising it. Will explore accordingly.