Matrix search page - searching for phrases

(Nigel) #1

Matrix Version:

Is it correct that Matrix search pages cannot search for phrases?

We are using a Matrix search page (_query) to search some specific metadata freetext fields in thousands of pages and need to search specific phrases such as “University of XYZ” but the quotes seem to have no effect in the results which is causing huge frustration.

In this scenario we want to search some very specific fields which is why we have been using Matrix for searching rather than Funnelback (in addition to the fact that we can create these Matrix search pages ourselves which we cant do with Funnelback).

(Tbaatar) #2

If the freefield text used as some form of categorisation you can use Thesaurus in conjunction with Metadata to achieve good search result accuracy.

If the freefield text is not used as categorisation what is the actual problem you are facing?

  • not finding any results?
  • or the results is not satisfactory?

(John gill) #3

Correct, matrix only indexes words (subject to the limitations in Search Manager, which can specifically exclude some words and typically excludes words under 4 characters long). Quoted searches will not function as you would expect.

(Nigel) #4

Thanks for the feedback. The results are somewhat ‘polluted’ with partial matches which makes the search a bit useless. Sounds like we need to rethink this report using Funnelback.